10 Weight Loss Strategies That REALLY Work: Part 1

My clients often share stories about how great a specific diet is working for a friend or coworker and, sometimes, they wonder if they should try it too. I tell them that most diets will result in initial bragging worthy weight loss, but that the real test is what happens in the long run. More often than not the end of each story is that the friend or coworker has eventually regained the weight lost and then some. I know how seductive fast fitness plans are and that it’s hard to get fully on board with a slower path to weight loss. Yet to achieve sustainable results the evidence strongly favors a life long healthy lifestyle over repeat diets.  Learning to be and stay lean requires sensible strategies that are both accessible and effective. Here’s my take on what works and what usually doesn’t for longterm weight loss success.

     What Works                                                                           What Usually Doesn’t                                  

     1. Tracking Food with an App or Diary                               Not tracking

Here’s Why: Tracking EVERYTHING you consume will show you the real story of what, how much, and when you are consuming. If you use an App – I like “Lose It”- you will also be able to set weight and nutrient goals and see how your choices stack up regarding protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar etc.. It’s the ultimate learning and accountability tool

     2. The Mediterranean Diet                                                   Restrictive diet plans

Here’s Why: Studies back the merits of this age old, user friendly lifestyle/diet approach that encourages all food groups plus allows bits of decadence like alcohol and chocolate. Restrictive plans, on the other hand, rarely prove to be either healthy, sustainable, or, most importantly, enjoyable

     3. Appreciating Your Self in the mirror                              Avoiding the mirror at all cost

Here’s Why: You are much more likely to take care of someone that you love and respect. If you struggle with meeting your image in the mirror find one thing that you like about yourself- your eyes, nose, hair, or shoulders- and each day affirm that part of yourself in the mirror. Then extend that positive feeling to your whole Self. Give it a go! Self love builds with one “I love you” at a time.

     4. Shortening your eating window                                     Fasting 2 days a week

Here’s Why: Restricting eating hours to a 12 hour window or so on most days cuts down on night time overeating. I’m not sure that it should really be called fasting though. After all isn’t that what a healthy eating pattern looks like? Following the 5-2 plan-fasting for 2 full days a week and allowing unrestricted eating on the others, is a disaster for most people. More on the pros and cons of fasting in a future blog.

    5. Pre Planning groceries, meals, workouts                      NOT planning or prioritizing

Here’s Why: Consider the wisdom of the adage “not planning is planning to fail”. Planning ahead is part of mindful self-organization and dramatically ups the likelihood that you will follow through with your intentions.

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This month’s recipe is an easy way to add more vegetables, fruits, fiber, protein, and probiotics into your diet.

Donna’s Mango Green Delight

Blend the following Costco ingredients in a powerful, VitaMix type blender.

Of course, you can find these ingredients in most grocery stores. Costco’s larger sizes, in this case, are convenient, and their lower prices make going Organic more economical.

2 cups partially thawed Organic Mango Chunks

1/2 Bag Earthbound Organic Power Greens

1 cup Fage 2% Greek Plain Yogurt

Makes 2 servings

Drink 1/2 immediately and refrigerate the other 1/2 in an airtight container for tomorrow.

Calories = 200

Fiber = 6 grams

Protein = 15 grams

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