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10 Weight Loss Strategies That REALLY Work: Part 1

My clients often share stories about how great a specific diet is working for a friend or coworker and, sometimes, they wonder if they should try it too. I tell them that most diets will result in initial bragging worthy weight loss, but that the real test […]

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How Holistic Health Leads to Wellness & Weight Loss – Wind & Water Teleseminar

A healthy lifestyle is beyond just food and exercise. Holistic health takes into account your body, mind and spirit. How they align, or don’t, can have significant impact on your health and your personal chi. Listen to the recording of our September teleseminar and learn how to […]

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There Is No Short Cut to Fitness

We are inundated with seductive ‘get fit quick’ plans: Five Minute a Day workouts, ultra low carb diets, super high protein diets, intermittent fasting, and a plethora of themed boot camps. They all promise a lot, some provide immediate gratifying results, and yet, in the long haul, […]

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Why Indonesian Cuisine is Worth A Trip Around the Globe

I did not expect to discover such an amazing array of fresh, delectable, and healthy food as I recently did in Indonesia. My preconception was that, like most places, you have to work a bit to find consistently good AND healthy. I was in for a pleasant […]

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The Best Path to a Healthy Metabolism

Your lifestyle choices have the most significant impact on the health of your metabolism. A dynamic metabolism is a balanced one. Strive to consistently restore, through nutrition and rest, what you use up every day doing things like breathing, thinking, walking, exercising, and rebuilding body cells.

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Travel Tips – My Insights from Baltic Cruise

Often we see a vacation as an opportunity to splurge. Reasoning that the harm done by vacation “decadence” can be remedied by a week of super vigilance. It’s not that simple.

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15 Easy Ways to Add Probiotics to Your Daily Diet

Probiotics provide your digestive system with friendly bacteria and help restore balance of gut flora – three pounds of microorganisms so important to your health that they outnumber your body cells by 10-1!

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Fall Cooking – Curried Chick Peas and Autumn Vegetables

The cooler nights and colorful days of autumn have us craving warm foods with the flavors of the season. The season’s bounty brings us strong flavors and lots of texture.

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