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How Holistic Health Leads to Wellness & Weight Loss – Wind & Water Teleseminar

A healthy lifestyle is beyond just food and exercise. Holistic health takes into account your body, mind and spirit. How they align, or don’t, can have significant impact on your health and your personal chi. Listen to the recording of our September teleseminar and learn how to […]

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How to Really Stick with Your Exercise Plan

If you struggle with fitting exercise into your life you have plenty of company. If you’re like a lot of my clients, you believe that there just isn’t enough time in your life for a consistent, sustainable exercise plan.  When I probe a little deeper with my […]

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Weight loss programs often result in poorer, not greater health.

Weight Loss programs often result in poorer, not greater, health Mary came to see me recently because she was frustrated and tired. Frustrated and tired of trying to lose weight without success. Over the years she had tried many diets and weight loss programs always with the […]

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Think Balance, Not Boot Camp, for Sustainable Weight Loss

Why Balance & Moderation Will Out-Perform Boot Camps & Diets for Sustainable Weight Loss A “Practice not Perfection” Approach is the wisest way to travel a path that encourages you to simply eat well and exercise smart. Boot camps and extreme diets are all the rage right […]

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Beyond Boot Camps

Boot Camp or Balanced Fitness – Which Will Deliver Long Term Results? There’s always a quick fix program out there on the horizon. Fitness boot camps, “insanity workouts,” paleo and calorie-shifting diets – programs like these, which promise quick results, are as prevalent and alluring as ever. […]

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A Nutrional Messaging Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

Five Simple Steps to Nutritional Messaging for Sustainable Weight Loss Stop dieting and start eating well. Improve your metabolism and health by sending the right nutritional messages. Remember, your body’s TOP priority is to keep you alive, not to help you lose weight. The eventual response to […]

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A new beginning

Welcome to Yogalift and our new website. If you have the opportunity, download our free e-book, 6 Ways to Start Eating Better Today. It not only has worthwhile and useful information, but you’ll get a good idea of how we approach health and wellness. We believe truly […]

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