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There Is No Short Cut to Fitness

We are inundated with seductive ‘get fit quick’ plans: Five Minute a Day workouts, ultra low carb diets, super high protein diets, intermittent fasting, and a plethora of themed boot camps. They all promise a lot, some provide immediate gratifying results, and yet, in the long haul, […]

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How to Really Stick with Your Exercise Plan

If you struggle with fitting exercise into your life you have plenty of company. If you’re like a lot of my clients, you believe that there just isn’t enough time in your life for a consistent, sustainable exercise plan.  When I probe a little deeper with my […]

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Weight loss programs often result in poorer, not greater health.

Weight Loss programs often result in poorer, not greater, health Mary came to see me recently because she was frustrated and tired. Frustrated and tired of trying to lose weight without success. Over the years she had tried many diets and weight loss programs always with the […]

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A Spring Break That Actually Boosts Your Metabolism

Are you in need of a real break?  If so, give yourself permission to lie around and do “NOTHING”! Practice restorative yoga. This relaxing form of yoga allows you to rest at a very deep level, even deeper than sleep.  It’s believed that a half hour of […]

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Two Yoga Poses to Help You Build Momentum Towards New Years Fitness Goals Now

This month’s theme is designed to help you build momentum towards your New Years fitness goals. To do that, let’s focus on ways to support creating a healthier vision of yourself now. To create a healthy vision of yourself, it helps to have some clarity. Two poses […]

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A new beginning

Welcome to Yogalift and our new website. If you have the opportunity, download our free e-book, 6 Ways to Start Eating Better Today. It not only has worthwhile and useful information, but you’ll get a good idea of how we approach health and wellness. We believe truly […]

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