How to Send Your Body Metabolism Boosting Messages

Half of the adult population has been on some sort of diet in the past year. Hearing that Center For Disease Control claim both alarmed me and made me wonder what the other half has been up to.  I personally don’t know many people who wouldn’t like to lose a few pounds or more. Of course there are those enviable few who remain lean or lean enough without much effort, but my guess is that they represent a tiny minority. There are also those who may be a bit overweight but have never tried to lose because they accept themselves where they are at and, hence, weight loss isn’t even on their radar -at all! Doesn’t that mindset sound rather liberating? Then there are the veteran dieters that fall into two polar opposite categories. Those who have become frustrated with unsustainable diets and have simply given up the fight, and those who have also given up on dieting but instead of throwing in the towel opt instead for a non-diet method to get and stay lean. This group practices a healthy lifestyle approach to wellness that is about educating and training the mind to adopt a set of healthy habits that will in time direct the body toward creating a vibrant metabolism, which is the key to sustainable weight loss.

Both thoughts and actions send messages to your body that have the power to either enhance or degrade your well being. Food wise this takes the form of nutritional messaging. When you stop dieting or overeating and start eating well the messages change from those that stress and threaten your body to those that actually improve your  health. The nutritional messages sent through evenly spaced, balanced meals provide your body with the nutrients it requires to enhance your metabolism.

It’s important to remember that your body’s priority is to keep you alive, not to help you lose weight. The eventual response to unbalanced and unhealthy eating habits is energy conservation, resulting in a slower metabolic rate and fat storage. Inconsistent eating is physiologically and emotionally stressful. Stress hormones cause increased belly fat and skipped meals result in increased fat storage from the next meal consumed.

Following the six-step messaging plan below will decrease cravings, increase energy and improve your metabolic potential.

  1. Always eat breakfast. It’s true; it is the most important meal. It gets the metabolic fire burning and sets the tone for the rest of your day.
  2. Have a shorter feeding period. Recent research supports a shorter window for eating. Fasting for twelve plus hours discourages late night eating and improves health in general.
  3. Choose a protein to center each meal around. Eggs or Greek yogurt in the morning, tuna or chicken sandwiches or salads for lunch, beans & rice, poultry or fish for dinner.
  4. Aim for produce at each meal. Fruit with breakfast, a salad with lunch, roasted vegetables for dinner.
  5. Eat whole grains in moderation. Grains have gotten a bad rap as being fattening. In reality the over-consumption of anything – except greens – causes weight gain, so instead of unsustainable avoidance, opt for smaller portions. We need the nutrition from whole grains.
  6. Relax and enjoy. Busyness often leads to mindless eating that leads to weight gain. Take time to feed yourself. A recent study at Cornell University showed that a calmer atmosphere – dim lights and soft music – resulted in eating slower, eating less and feeling more satisfied.

For most people losing weight continues to be a desired yet overwhelming enterprise.  Shifting your mindset from a diet to a lifestyle is the first step toward sustainable weight loss. With all the conflicting nutrition and diet information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, bogged down in details and wonder when and if you’re doing the right thing. While the details might vary from person to person, an effective nutrition plan should focus on sending your body the right nutritional messages – the ones that improve your metabolism the most.

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