10 Weight Loss Strategies That REALLY Work: Part 2

By spring most New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned for old habits. Perhaps they proved to be overly ambitious or failed to deliver results quickly enough, or required actions that were simply unsustainable. Whatever the reason to ditch the plan, it’s never too late to embark on […]

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Beyond Just Coping

Staying healthy in trying times like this can be hard. For me, a daily reframing of this uncontrollable virus situation from threatening and frustrating to an unexpected opportunity for growth has been helpful, and of course, challenging. Actually, this reframing practice can keep me pretty busy as […]

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10 Weight Loss Strategies That REALLY Work: Part 1

My clients often share stories about how great a specific diet is working for a friend or coworker and, sometimes, they wonder if they should try it too. I tell them that most diets will result in initial bragging worthy weight loss, but that the real test […]

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3 Smart Steps to Sustainable Fitness

I gave up making resolutions years ago. I finally grew weary of setting myself up for disappointment.  Although demoralizing, those past failings were essentially instructive as they uncovered my deepest yearnings and displayed my lack of self-knowledge.  As a seeker and a person of intensity, I lean […]

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5 Simple, Everyday Ways to Reduce Stress and Improve Health

We all have our own bad habits, whether that means giving into cravings for cigarettes, spending too much time on social media, binge eating, or excessively drinking alcohol. As such, it’s no wonder why getting healthy can often seem like a daunting task. How can you overcome […]

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Secrets Of Those Who Live Lean

The high failure rate of fast fitness and diet programs suggests that the path to wellness is less about willpower and more about embracing a lifestyle. Yet how to actually create healthier habits can be somewhat of a mystery. It makes sense that the secrets of getting […]

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Ten Tips To Improve Your Wellness This Year

As a perennial student I enjoy keeping up with fitness research. Perusing the latest journal artifices helps me stay in tune with fitness trends, practice separating fitness fact from fitness fiction, and glean a few wellness pearls that I can employ myself and share with my clients. […]

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A Season For Gratitude

The Zen quote “chop wood, carry water” speaks to keeping life simple. Consistently do what needs doing and if and when you arrive at your desired outcome, continue to chop and carry. Yet doing is only half of the equation of a fulfilling life and likely requires […]

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5 Keys To Staying On The Fitness Track This Fall

A dramatic backdrop of changing colors, cooler temperatures, and lack of bugs make October ideal for outdoor activities. Yet in reality, fall’s brisker and sometimes rainier weather can be less than inviting. As the days get shorter and we inch closer to that first inevitable snowfall it’s […]

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5 Types of Yoga for Wellness and Weight Loss

by Bipin Baloni  Summary: Commit to the science of yoga for wellness and natural weight loss. Find out through this blog the five types of yoga that can help you become healthy and lean. The traditional discipline of yoga encompasses diverse yoga forms that support the physical, mental, […]

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