There Is No Short Cut to Fitness

We are inundated with seductive ‘get fit quick’ plans: Five Minute a Day workouts, ultra low carb diets, super high protein diets, intermittent fasting, and a plethora of themed boot camps. They all promise a lot, some provide immediate gratifying results, and yet, in the long haul, […]

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5 Ways to Stay on the Fitness Wagon

The most common reasons for falling off track are life getting in the way, stress, tiredness and lack of time. This used to happen to me all the time, so I’m going to share with you 5 ways I stopped falling off the wagon.

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How to Really Stick with Your Exercise Plan

If you struggle with fitting exercise into your life you have plenty of company. If you’re like a lot of my clients, you believe that there just isn’t enough time in your life for a consistent, sustainable exercise plan.  When I probe a little deeper with my […]

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Why Indonesian Cuisine is Worth A Trip Around the Globe

I did not expect to discover such an amazing array of fresh, delectable, and healthy food as I recently did in Indonesia. My preconception was that, like most places, you have to work a bit to find consistently good AND healthy. I was in for a pleasant […]

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The Best Path to a Healthy Metabolism

Your lifestyle choices have the most significant impact on the health of your metabolism. A dynamic metabolism is a balanced one. Strive to consistently restore, through nutrition and rest, what you use up every day doing things like breathing, thinking, walking, exercising, and rebuilding body cells.

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Shannon Leavitt on RadioMD’s Which Way Is Life

It’s difficult to be healthy in our fast-paced society. How do we slow down enough to get healthy when life just keeps intensifying? First begin to value rest and relaxation. Second do yoga so you can practice slowing down and becoming more mindful—two keys to weight loss. […]

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Shannon Leavitt Guest Author on Daily Cup of Yoga

We all know that most get fit quick workout and diet plans end in rebound weight gain and a compromised metabolism. Instead of heading toward that frustrating place, accept that there are no short cuts to true health. The good new is that there are wise paths. […]

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Weight loss programs often result in poorer, not greater health.

Weight Loss programs often result in poorer, not greater, health Mary came to see me recently because she was frustrated and tired. Frustrated and tired of trying to lose weight without success. Over the years she had tried many diets and weight loss programs always with the […]

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A Spring Break That Actually Boosts Your Metabolism

Are you in need of a real break?  If so, give yourself permission to lie around and do “NOTHING”! Practice restorative yoga. This relaxing form of yoga allows you to rest at a very deep level, even deeper than sleep.  It’s believed that a half hour of […]

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5 Steps To Setting Goals You Can Actually Follow Through With

5 Steps To Setting Goals You Can Actually Follow Through With As we head into February, I wonder how many people feel successful following through on their recent goals and New Year Resolutions. By now, many of you may have already started to put your gym memberships […]

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